Week 8 Listening my Golden’s voice

Week 8 at MKMMA has being full of fun and surprises, I finally found a real friend, the “Gal on the glass”, I started to trust him and to admire him for everything He’s being able to change to become the guy He is now, He is not perfect yet He still has a lot of issues to fix I will try my best to be a positive influence on His life instead of try to drag Him to be like me, I love to chat with Him and specially I love to listened his voice everywhere I go, He remains me every second about all the beautiful things I can achieve if I decide to keep my promises, today I felt depressed and felt so much hate when my ex wife admitted she’s seen someone else, I wanted to die for a moment but my friend “the gal on the glass” approached to me and ask me to look at his eyes and shout at me, whats wrong with you? you have to accept your reality, instead of looking backward focus your head forward, don’t you realize there is an important change in your life? and that change means an opportunity to your life, it means the right moment for something and that something has to be forcefully better than a broken relationship, of course that something depends completely of you and nobody else.


Week 7 More confused than ever?

It’s been 7 weeks since we started MKMMA, my brain it’s in a lifetime journey, so many thoughts, so many changes, there’s a war happening in my head between my old blueprint and my new blueprint, who’s right or wrong? definitely my new Blue print is right, but I’m confused because how’s possible that I’m loving again persons who did hurt me so bad,”what a feeling”, the truth it’s that I’m finally able to let so many poison go from my head, from my life, I’m finally recognizing my responsibility about so many things that went wrong in my life and I forgive every one, I apologized to anyone I did hurt with my thoughts and actions in the past, I really want to stayed in my new life, I understand won’t be easy but it’s worthy to feel free to admire, to love, to support, to help anyone without any regrets, the colorful signs all around the house are definitely playing a important roll in my sub-conscious mind and I love and believe 100% my movie poster, I shouldn’t say I’m confused because I really understand everything it’s happening in my life because I always keep my promises.

Week 6 “The Five Languages of Love”

Another exciting week of MKMMA, I finished strong my first month of reading 3 times a day everyday the scroll number 1 of the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, I feel so proud of myself because I was able to memorize this scroll number 1, now I can keep repeating it every day without reading it, it definitely feels better, my biggest achievement from this scroll number 1 is to be able to create some good habits to replace some bad habits that I being practicing for years, I started now reading scroll number 2, it’s also a beautiful scroll because teach us about love, which is to me, one the most powerful thought in life, so decide to learn more about love and found this book “The Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman, He explain about 5 different languages of love, just to love someone it’s not enough you have to love in the same language otherwise is like if you are talking to someone who doesn’t speak your language, what an interesting book, now I realize why I haven’t being able to understand and to explain my ex wife how much I love her, we speak two different languages of love, according to Dr. Chapman the 5 languages of love are: Affirmation Words, Share Quality Time, To Receive Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch, now I know, my next love experience will be amazing.


Jorge Ramos from Univision Interviewed a “Latino de Oro”

Por Jorge Ramos /  octubre 26, 2018

jorge-ramosWhen I heard about this Latino de Oro and learned about how successful he has become during the last 3 years I decide to travel all the way to Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida to interview Jerson Lopez the ‘Latino de Oro’, I arrived to his beautiful house on Friday morning to have breakfast with him and to chat about his successful business, Jerson received us with a warm welcome smile and invites to feel like at home “mi casa es su casa” he said, we share a delicious typical breakfast from his home country Honduras and then we moved to the back porch next to the pool with the beautiful  view of the Atlantic Ocean right at the Golf of Mexico, Thanks for receive us in your house I started saying, You’re very welcome Jerson replied, I heard about your success and about all the people you have help to be as successful as you, can you tell us about it? Well Jorge, I got to the USA 20 years ago with nothing in my pockets but a great dream about become successful to be able to bless as many people around me, I found my first job and then my second and my third job, after 12 years working at my last job I got fired, so I realized that it had to be another way to achieve my dream so I decided to start my own network business, It wasn’t as easy as I tough but I was so determined to become successful, I struggled for a couple of years until I heard about this MKMMA course and decide to enroll and learn the skills I needed to get my network business to the next level, later I invited the rest of my team to be part of this amazing MKMMA experience and together we built a amazing fortune, I’m so thankful to Mark and Davene for all the knowledge and skills they taught us, Jerson said, wao that’s a fantastic history  we should definitely share with our Latin community I said, I thanked Jerson for taking the time to chat with us and he also thanked me for coming all the way to listen and share his history.

Week 5 Escaping the Darkness

I have to get credit to soberistas for this post, I love it so much and it does mean so much to me, I appreciate so much being part of MKMMA, when I decide that one of my PPNs was Spiritual Grow really didn’t realize why at that moment but this program works so great that one week later an old friend of my invite me to a Fraternity of business men meeting and the testimonials I listened made me escape the darkness and start filling my life with that Spiritual Power that mi life needed, Quitting drinking lifted me out of Crapsville. When I drank, I would often ponder why other people’s lives seemed to be so much more productive and together than my own messy, unsatisfying and occasionally frightening existence. I am writing about this today because I noted earlier just how content I am these days, and how long it’s been since I experienced anything or anyone who scared me, threatened me, dragged me down or showed me the darker side of life.

Alcohol brought out so much negativity in both the people I knocked about with, and me. Morals slipped, thoughtlessness abounded, and self-respect vanished all too readily with the same ease it took to withdraw a cork from a bottle.

I found myself caught up in pub brawls, illicit affairs and, on the lesser end of the scale, frequently demonstrating disappointing behaviour that manifested itself in cancelling on people at the last minute, or becoming so out of it that friends would find themselves forced to get me home, sabotaging their own night out in the process.

There was bad karma. I let people down, I hung out with people who had serious drug and alcohol problems and who consequently also let friends down. I prioritised booze above friends. I wasn’t a very nice person to know. And thus, I found myself caught up in the darkness, unable to even recognise that life could be better for me; that it didn’t need to be that way. My expectations dropped so dramatically that I became drawn to violent and dangerous people like a moth to a flame. Niceties bored me rigid. I wanted the dark side. And I got it.

Week 4 The Power of the Other Mind

imageLet me start this blog by sharing with all of you an interesting story that just happens to me yesterday, two of my friends and I drove to Orlando to take care of some business at lunch time we decide to go to down town Disney to eat and for a walk after eating, it took us a while to decide in which restaurant to eat while we were walking thru the places I was thinking about having a cheese burger and fries, that was really what I wanted to eat but at the same time I was checking so many red circles all over which were remaining my brain that I should choose a healthier food, anyway we decide to eat at the rainforest cafe and while I was checking the menu I still really wanted to have that cheese burger but instead I decide to order a blue mountain chicken sandwich, one of my friends order a cheese burger and my other friend order a taste of the island’s plate, we were chatting and enjoying the place while waiting on the food, finally the food arrive, we had a short pray to thanks for the meals and start eating I was served with the cheese burger and my friend got my chicken sandwich, we were at half eating our meals when we figure out that we have had served which each other meals, it’s funny, I challenge my sub-conscious mind so much about having a cheese burger that it end up giving me a cheese burger, the exercises we are practicing in MKMMA with our sub-conscious mind really works, I’m so exited about but have to definitely be careful what I ask to my mind, you all have a wonderful weekend, blessings.

Week 3 Experience the new life

MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance) is the best leadership a spiritual grow course I ever attended, I’m so happy and grateful about all changes happening in my life, finally a really life challenging course, love the shore cards, are so easy to set up, to carry and to follow up and they really works, just by the fact of writing down and repeat it 3x a day makes my sub-conscious mind to inject energy and vigor to accomplished what I promise, what an excellent exercise, I just found out that the shores I being procrastinating on, are so easy to complete when you set it up  the right way in your mind, I’m so exited the way I’m feeling anymore, exercising  the GS (Great Salesman) book the way it’s instructed on this course makes your thinking change in a fast and beautiful way, people around me are already noting the changes on my personality, I’m so proud about being part of this great opportunity that I definitely recommend it to anyone regardless of his situation, this course it’s just an amazing experience at it’s 3rd week, I can’t wait to see and experience the results in my life after I complete the 6 months, Thanks Davene and Mark for such a wonderful job you do, thanks to all the guides and everyone who works to make this course possible, God bless you all.